Andrew Metzler

Andrew Metzler

Washington, DC, US


Barcelona Community Center

the city of barcelona has a wealth of great urban projects and this proposed community center intends to continue this tradition. the site is situated adjacent to the arc de triomf a landmark and transportation node on the edge of the “el born” district of the ciutat vella. the arc de triomf provides a threshold between the ciutat vella and eixample, two distinctly different districts representing the old city and new modern city. located at the intersection of two major roads and a major public transportation node, the project will need to accommodate these functions as well as facilitate movement from these thoroughfares to the surrounding areas.

the edge of two different urban fabrics, the project must to be sensitive to multiple scales. by responding to the needs of the person, adjacent blocks, and urban fabric of the neighboring districts, the community center can become a transition and link that blends the context rather than compete with the existing landmarks and styles. this area of the eixample has already undergone modern interventions, these spaces have broken the typical cerda block and created pedestrian paths that open up interior courtyards to the public realm. this project needs to respond to these existing interventions and make them more assessable.

the massing of the community center is derived by deconstructiong the typical cerda block of the eixample. Initial moves dissect the block by slicing openings and trimming corners based on paths and site lines through the site. for example the southwest corner of the site is angled so that the site line towards the arc de triomf is not interfered with. the building massing also creates a dialogue with pedestrian as they circulate the exterior of the building. the walls play a game with the traditional cerda massing by constantly touching the typical massing then immediate receding. the roofs also undulate with the constant movement of the exterior walls.

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Status: School Project
Location: Avinguda de Vilanova and Carrer de Roger de Flor Barcelona, ES