Andi Arifaj

Andi Arifaj

Tiranë, AL


Two Schools

Is it possible for an educational institution to become a landmark for a develpoping area in a postindustrial site? 

The site lies in an unused field surrounded by low industrial buildings on East and informal houses on West. The area is part of the new Tirana Masterplan TR030 which will change the existing context into a greener and dynamic one. 
The solution came out of the existing houses. Each one resembles as an unit. In a larger scale they form a complex of different volumes and characteristics serving the same purpose. The program consist of one building, one site and two schools. A module measuring 10x10meters is doubled and divided ac­cording to the function of the room. Each one forming a different volume for different function, thus creating the sens of orientation as a reference of the existing context. A 5 meter offset emphasizes the difference between the modules. 
The ground floor is dedicated to public use (administration, polyvalent rooms, sports hall, cafeteria). First floor containing laboratories and special class- rooms. Last the second floor with all the classroom modules. 
To achieve natural daylight all the classrooms have a sky loggia oriented to South thus maximizing the efficiency of classrooms. Classrooms measure 10x10 meters, 65% for teaching, 30% loggia, 5% storage. The circulation is carried by ramps and a series of platforms and atrium connecting the mod­ules which form a "learning street''. By sorting the program, a series of voids forms the facade thus breaking the mass into intervals. To emphasize the in­tervals the modules are covered by perforated metal panels allowing natural light. More than 65% of the site is dedicated to playground, park, sport area and two amphitheaters. During the day the school is used by pupils and the rest of the day by the community. Everything opened serving as landmark of knowledge and as a community center. 

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Status: School Project
Location: Tirana, AL