Ana-Maria Ghinita

Ana-Maria Ghinita

Milano, IT



TERM: Fall 2011

COMPETITION : Premio Lissone 2011
OTHER TEAM MEMBER: Arch. Kusha Goreishi,
Quark Arquitectos, Spain
LOCATION: Lissone, Italy

The idea of design solves both the energy aspect, the functional aspect as the aesthetic.
The basic principle of the design is energy self-sufficiency, sustainability in the construction process and in the life cycle of the materials used. For this reason we have chosen materials 100% recyclable polystyrene, glass, wire and metallic elements for audio, video and touchscreen, that in their life cycle (extraction, processing, use, reuse and recycling) have no energy costs, the balance of expenditure is positive and, more importantly, do not end up as waste in the planet, but can be reused indefinitely. We are not talking of biodegradable materials but with high technology materials which can create closed loops in order to enable promoters to deal with the manufacture and
collection of everything that makes up the form. It is designed a revolutionary system that can change the rules of the market, which does not create waste and enables the materials
to be reused countless times in a sustainable world. The completed form can be divided into several components: a bench, containers for recycling, panels for digital information and
the ability to communicate with an operator, a lamp, a refrigerator dispenser of basic products, the elements for the parking of bicycles .

MY ROLE : I have collaborated with Arch. Kusha Goreishi on the conceptual stage of the project, every aspect of the research and modelling graphics and development of the idea being my duty entirely

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Lissone, IT