Ana-Maria Ghinita

Ana-Maria Ghinita

Milano, IT



TERM: Spring 2012
COURSE: Restauration Workshop
OTHER TEAM MEMBERS: Berton Marco, Brugnara Paola,
Conte Giulia, Dalla Valle Chiara,
Ottaviani Elisabeta, Sperotto Giulia
CRITICS: Prof. Arch. Alessandra Quendolo
LOCATION: Ronzo Chienis, Trento, Italy

The Church of San Michele is situated in Ronzo - Chienis, a small center in Val di Gresta, a province of Trento. Presently the building does not hold its original function, initially being used as a Church
and afterwards in 1949, being used as a cinema and as a theater. The church though remains even to us today as an importan symbol of indentity for the community, even thought today in a continuous state of degradation. The major problems which the building faces are those related to its structural stability, even though consolidation interventions have been made throwout the years. The project consists of research, analysis and retauration proposal for the church, always trying to find the best suitable function to be used and the best restauration and consolidation method to be utilized.

MY ROLE: Mainly i have participated in the research part both on site, and in public and religous archives, also on drawing and generating the facades and 3D model of the church as well as the understanding and finding of the stages of evolution, and entirely working on the project proposal of the function to be given for the new church.

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Status: School Project
Location: Trento, IT