Ana-Maria Ghinita

Ana-Maria Ghinita

Milano, IT


Industrial Area Revival

TERM: Fall 2011
COURSE: Landscape Architecture Workshop
OTHER TEAM MEMBERS: Riccardo Giacomelli, Matteo Paoli
Giada Bertoldo
CRITICS: Prof. Arch. Claudia Battaino
LOCATION: Udine, Italy
In the industrial area of Udine, abandoned warehouses, busy
streets, few green spaces and fewer people to inhabit these spaces
are the main negative aspects of this area. How does one think and
how does one act in such an area where such problems exist and
where does architecture come in to fix the problems without damaging
the environment ment.
Our project, the parasite comes as a seed put in earth, meant
to grow over time spreading throught the entire area and reviving it in
stages during time. It grows gradually bringing life and new oportunities
and giving rise to a new neighborhood and industrial area, more
complex and active.
Built out of containers on an exhisting metal structure the new
buildings recieve functions new to the area, apartments, cultural centers,
theaters, restaurants and caffe, and even office buildings refreshing
those functions which already exist.
The parasite grows in between abandoned and unused warehouses
and public spaces, it answers to the principle of ecology and
sustainability and becomes an architecture in the landscape, for the
landscape and because of the landscape. It represents a statemenet,
a signal and a landmark, a generator of activities and events, that
gradually grow and develop under the eyes of those inhabiting this
MY ROLE : As a team member i was involved in the project fom
begining to end working along side the team leader, Riccardo on the
development and the design and modelling of the entire project.

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Status: School Project
Location: Udine, IT