Harijs Alsiņš

Harijs Alsiņš

Barcelona, ES


Pleasure Strip

The strip is located in Walworth, London borough of Southwark, on the border between the infamous Aylesbury Estate and Burgess Park. The estate is a fine example of inner city adversity where crime is prevalent; the 46ha park is underused and lacks any program.

The project has a predetermined limitation: it must be a 10m strip - one of its dimensions must not exceed 10m. First step - a mapping analysis: safety, divided into two categories - physical and visual - is mapped along common pedestrian routes. This reveals the spots with the worst conditions to later improve them; rather than seeking existing pleasures to emphasize them, this project will deal with anti-pleasure and its elimination through providing a large and spread out community centre and activities for the youth.

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Status: School Project
Location: London, GB
My Role: Project Architect
Additional Credits: The project was developed as the Degree project of University of Brighton Architecture (RIBA Part I) studies, year three, led by Nick Hayhurst, Tamsie Thomson and Suzi Winstanley, in spring 2008.