Harijs Alsiņš

Harijs Alsiņš

Barcelona, ES


Guildhall: 2012

The project brings together the rigid and hierarchical political system of the City of London - the small historical core of London - with internet-based social technologies used for propaganda creation by political activists like the Occupy movement.

Guildhall: 2012 is an architecture that exists in media-space. It is physical as a series of inflatable objects that manipulate crowds of protesters to create impressive mass scenes for propaganda images; it is also virtual as the augmentation of those images to add extra political friction.

As most people will only ever experience the protest or any other political activity through its internet representation instead of real-life participation, the physicality of the project becomes secondary to its virtual images; simulation and simulacra switch places.

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Status: School Project
Location: London, GB
My Role: Project Architect
Additional Credits: The project was developed within the framework of AA Diploma Unit 1, led by Tobias Klein, in the academic year 2011/12.