Harijs Alsiņš

Harijs Alsiņš

Barcelona, ES



A neighbourhood library in Barcelona; a concept rooted in the most important ingredient of Spanish outdoor public space - the plaza. Vast numbers of plazas are distributed all across the city, each next different from the previous; each made up of a multitude of components that make them successful (or not) public spaces - location, history, sunlight, greenery, commodities, ease of access, etc.


These components and their relationship will be transformed and used in the organizational and spatial divisions of the library: first, a rough stacking of plazas into functional zones and, second, a fragmentation of each zone into particular spaces of different characters.

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Status: School Project
Location: Barcelona, ES
My Role: Project Architect
Additional Credits: The project was developed within the framework of University of Brighton Architecture (RIBA Part I) studies, year two, led by Anthony Roberts, in spring 2007.