alique garabed (Pempejian)

alique garabed (Pempejian)

Los Angeles, CA, US


Edible Garden Design

Design a school garden competition :

Edible Garden Design
This multi-functional module can be replicated as many times as desired, on any school campus. Each unit consists of a single elongated planting bed attached to a smaller, cellular planter, seating that can transform to shelves, a sink with a drinking fountain, storage, and composting drawers. The modules would also be constructed at various heights to accommodate different ages of children. The beauty of the planter module is that it can be adapted to various plant uses, growing edibles one season and native plants the next.

Material: using salvaged or donated wood in this simple construction.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: LAUSD schools - Winning Entry
My Role: Design | technical drawings | presentation
Additional Credits: Sasha Monge