Alexander Tomlinson

Alexander Tomlinson

Greenville, SC, US


Student Organic Farm- Built

This project was constructed with a team of undergraduate students at Clemson University, led by Dan Harding, LEED AP.  

Perimeter road divides the main campus from the Student Organic Farm (SOF), an organization on campus locally grown organic vegtables, fruits, and foods to students.  The SOF sells produce at their farm. There is no accessible means to walk to the farm, unless one walks around 15 minutes. Our project gives a quick accessibility point to the farm.  The site is located on perimeter road, next to Clemson University's main campus.

Construction took place after Fall semester, for two weeks. A team of 4 students built directly off our 3D models, supplemented with cad drawings produced.

Green was chosen in the spirit of staying organic, and keeping in touch with Clemson University’s initiative to “Stay Green”, a program implemented by Clemson to preserve resources.

This project has been completed to phase one. Phase one includes the Information area and stair set. Once funding is in place, a future group of students will follow our project to completion, implementing the ramp into the final design.

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Status: Built
Location: Clemson, SC, US
My Role: Designer
Additional Credits: Professor: Dan Harding, LEED AP
Team: Alex Tomlinson, Evan Morris, Lena Roper, Ellis Taylor, Tyler Whitehead, Dan Hutcherson
Built: December 2009 - January 2010