Alexander Tomlinson

Alexander Tomlinson

Greenville, SC, US


Concentric Deviation: University Barbecue

he site is located next to highway 123, leading from Clemson University. This highway is used by truckers, Clemson students, and travelers alike. This realization led to a study in roadside architecture, the concept of “branding”, and “Googie” style.

The drive-in-restaurant created by the automobile and its radial turning was a specific precedent. "Googie" style drive-ins are usually radial in form in order to make it easier for the waitresses to access all customers in their cars in an efficient manner.

The plan was derived from a radial diagram that informs of the building's circulation. Concentric circles are centered upon the hearth, giving universal views to customers and employees alike. The hearth was considered the "life" of the building.

The final program cradles around the hearth, such as seating, food preparation, food storage, drive through stations, freezers, and janitor closets.

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Status: School Project
Location: Clemson, SC, US
My Role: Designer
Additional Credits: Professor: Robert Bruhns
Designed: August 2010