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    Modular Bike Rack

    Alex Gomez
    Apr 3, '13 4:09 AM EST

    I took advantage of spring break to revisit a project from last year, which was my first year in architecture. ARC 103 (design studio) was geared toward designing a bike rack with a focus on creating some kind of social interaction, for instance: seating, lockers, planters, etc.  When designing this project I was advised to look ahead and think about the possibility of actually constructing the bike rack at full scale; since the project starts at a small scale the transition in scales tends to create issues, as was seen in previous projects. The simplest and most effective method of construction was to develop a modular system. Initially we submitted individual proposals, but were then placed into groups for the final project.  We were grouped within our section according to similarities in the modules we developed, the type of connection being used was taken into consideration, whether it being a joint, hinge, plug, etc. One of the requirements for this project was to use recycled materials when building at full scale, our group used doors that were collected from a local Habitat for Humanity Restore. We then used a computer numerical control machine (CNC) to mill our modules.

    Over break I went back to this project to touch up some photos and to create some diagrams. The intent is to put this project in my portfolio so I welcome any comments/suggestions on the diagrams I created, be rough me (haha). This project also brings up the topic of modular design which seems as though it may be gaining more popularity than before (its always been around but has never taken a strong lead), so feel to share any thoughts on the subject.




    Individual Project



    Final Project








    • Oakhay

      The top drawing is very top drawing is pretty good. But you may want to consider adding very simple text descriptions. Literally just one or two words so we know what were looking at. Like what's the difference between the diagram with just bikes, and the one with bikes and people (at the very top)?

      I think the best diagrams are the small ones showing different configurations, and the large exploded diagram below those. The exploded one really pops! Again, I would label them because, we get the gist of it, but just make it really clear with extra-minimal text placed far enough away from the actually drawing so it doesn't detract from it.

      Good job!

      Apr 12, 13 3:44 am

      Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it. So for the images I decided to give them a hint of blue, some of them came out a little too blue but I just want to what you think thought about them?

      Apr 14, 13 6:32 pm

      Actually I like the hint of blue. Along with the greyed out background, it makes the installation stand out well.

      Apr 15, 13 4:54 pm

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