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Feb '13 - Apr '14

  • Internships!

    Alex Gomez
    Apr 15, '14 7:24 PM EST

    Finished up my portfolio over spring break, along with the other internship deliverables. I already sent out a mass of emails, and am now just waiting for responses. I have a meeting lined up this next week, and am planning on visiting firms while I’m in the LA area. Check out my portfolio here:

    I would really appreciate any advice, dislikes, suggestions, etc.!

    I’ve been a bit preoccupied with the endless workload of third year, reason being why I haven’t discussed my projects. Its rather mind-blowing when reflecting back on 1st year, most of us thought it would be impossible to even get this far. Anyways, I am planing on documenting the progress of my studio project this quarter and hopefully after I can further analyze my past projects. For now, you can see them in my portfolio. 


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  • Case Study: Visitor’s Center in Atapuerca

    Alex Gomez
    Aug 6, '13 7:09 PM EST

    Spring 2013 Case Study I began this past quarter with a case study. After beginning our research, my partner (Barret Kruggel) and I found the formal characteristics of this visitor’s center far more interesting than the sustainable strategies we were required to focus on. We decided to... View full entry

  • Modular Bike Rack

    Alex Gomez
    Apr 3, '13 4:09 AM EST

    I took advantage of spring break to revisit a project from last year, which was my first year in architecture. ARC 103 (design studio) was geared toward designing a bike rack with a focus on creating some kind of social interaction, for instance: seating, lockers, planters, etc.  When... View full entry

  • Midterm Review.

    Alex Gomez
    Feb 25, '13 12:24 AM EST

      This past Friday was our studio's midterm review. The project this quarter is a museum located in Little Tokyo, on an infill lot between the crossings of 1st street and San Pedro. The dimensions of the lot are 50x100 Ft. so it is rather small project. This quarter I have been working on an... View full entry

  • Hello Archinect.

    Alex Gomez
    Feb 1, '13 2:41 AM EST

    Hey Guys. My name is Alex Gomez. I am in my second year (Bachelor's) studying architecture at Cal Poly Pomona. I'll provide a brief background so there is a better understanding of who I am. I was born in Anaheim, CA in May of 1993, raised there until I was in the second grade, then I moved to my... View full entry

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