Alberto Barbetti

Alberto Barbetti

Miami, FL, US


Transportation Hub - Train Terminal + Bus Terminal + Boat Terminal

The transportation infrastructure of a city is the foundation of productivity and innovation; it connects people and ideas at a faster pace and promotes development and growth. The goal of the hub is to create a space that can successfully merge all aspects of transportation into a place where people can live work and play regardless of whether they are taking transit or not. It will create a new waterfront park that can be accessible to anyone in the city.

​The new design will host a multi modal center that will include access to trains, buses, water taxi and soft tire vehicles. The Station also proposes a renovation of the landscape surrounding the building to attract tourists as well as local people. El Encuentro station will become a place of meeting and gathering, a place where Cuban street culture will come back to life

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Status: School Project
Location: Havana, Cuba