Alberto Apostoli

Alberto Apostoli

Verona, IT



Studio Alberto Apostoli provides design services both in the Italian market and abroad, for private clients and companies as well as the public sector, in the fields of:


Structural Engineering

MEP engineering

interior design

Product design,


The practice was set up in  1997 by Alberto Apostoli who also opened a practice in Guangzhou(Canton – China), in 2006 followed in 2007 by a branch in Casablanca (Morocco).

Specifically, projects include designs for residential and commercial architecture, hotels and resorts, spas and wellness centres, retail and shop layout, exhibition layout, work spaces (offices and show rooms) and product design. The practice employs 30 professionals, including architects, structural engineers, MEP and Havac engineers, interior and industrial designers as well as, consultants, accounting and marketing staff.

All Studio Alberto Apostoli’s design work is certified by ISO 9001:2000 from 2002 with SQS.

Studio Alberto Apostoli’s designs and architectural approach can be viewed in the best international magazines.


The practice’s design philosophy is born from the “Contamination Theory”; a theory with Apostoli has applied positively to create an end product which emerges from the convergence of different styles and views.
For Apostoli “contamination” means combining the creative energy of architecture, the originality and functionality of design andthen filtering them with a marketing oriented approach, in order to create a three dimensional creative space; architecture defined by space, light and volume, design defined by shape, materials and trends and marketing by market trends, the client’s target and positioning.
This approach enables the practice to tackle the most diverse design themes.
The method consists of creating a different combination for each individual project in order to obtain the right design for each specific objective.


Studio Alberto Apostoli, Verona, IT, Owner


Jan 1997 - current