Alberto Martinez Garcia

Alberto Martinez Garcia

New York, NY, US


NEW YORK vs NEW JERSEY - Structuring Fluid Territories

One of the main environmental factors that distinguishes NJ State and NY State is the proportion of wetlands in their territories. New Jersey State has many more lagoons, watersheds and Rivers than NY due to some ecological factors like the morphology of Chesapeake Bay or the consequences of the Susquehanna river. On the other hand, the geological composition of New York is based on the Appalachian Mountains that cross the United States from north to south. According to this statement, there is an analysis of New York and Jersey City studying one as the opposite as the other. NYC has a Continuum Urban Form with several threshold and JC is conceived as a city of malls and monuments of leisure on a generic city. Through the analysis and transformation of the sedimentation and flooding process on both cities, there is an attempt to connect both cities with an extension of the urban fabric, islands and bridges.

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Status: School Project
Location: New York, NY, US
My Role: Urban Studio