MSc. Arch. Alan Rodríguez Carrillo

MSc. Arch. Alan Rodríguez Carrillo

Beijing, CN


Park Library - Compact

ACCESS TO INFORMATION refers to the set of techniques to search, categorize, edit, and access to information found in a system, databases, libraries, archives, internet, etc..

This concept will help us erase the stereotype of "LIBRARY", which guide the project to provide comfort
the user, since this does not feel like you're in that space, but that apart from that free flow and work-out, give a membership to the public space.

The aim is to ensure that, in spite of having a recreational space can also have relation with this concept of "access to information", achieving converge at some point.

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Status: School Project
Location: México Distrito Federal, MX
My Role: Design
Additional Credits: Bruno Rodríguez
Luis Gerardo Campos
Carlos González