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Kuwait Children Hospital

A hospital that does not feel like a hospital”

How do you begin designing a hospital that can enhance the healing process?
The proposed design for the Kuwait Children’s Hospital (KCH) is conceived as a Landmark that responds to climate and culture, and re-interprets these values in a mid-rise building, that expresses in the skyline a powerful sign that establishes a strong sense of place, history, and future for the children of Kuwait.
Like a fortress, it creates an exterior monolithic image that seeks protection from the harsh climate, and a softer interior oasis tailored to the children’s use. We propose a cheerful and colorful building that stands out from the deteriorated surroundings and is easily recognizable by the children.
The building is approached through a climate-controlled Plaza, which is a continuation of the exterior landscape, bringing in the pedestrians. The elevated position of the Plaza helps in giving a sense of power to the children over the street level as they enter the hospital.
This Plaza is roofed by a vaulted colored structure; large openings bring in natural light and relate visually to the roof garden.

A retail podium, located under the Plaza, fulfills the basic urban needs (Bank, Hotel, Restaurant, Shops…) and provides services not only to the hospital users but for the whole neighborhood as well. This will help in integrating KCH into the existing urban fabric and become an urban anchor in the area.

The driving force behind KCH is the vision for a better future for sick and injured children.
Various donors’ contribution to the hospital is the only way to materialize such an ambitious and necessary project as KCH.
Each ward will be given a branding theme that relates to the donor by means of color and pattern (for example: animals, fantasy, flowers…). The aim of the donors is to create a hospital on par with the best international health facilities and provide the community with proper health resources.

Because designing a children’s hospital is such a great task, we realize that using intuition alone to create the right concept may not be enough. We want to create a design that could potentially heal patients, provide parents with hope, and keep the staff energized day after day. 

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Kuwait, KW