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AGi architects

Madrid, ES | Kuwait, KW


House of Arts and Culture

The proposal presented for the “Beirut Omani Center - House of Art and Culture” is based on the way people perceive reality. It addresses the implications and representation of every human being’s differing response and reaction to their surrounding environment, their unique and individual perceptions. Perception is the process of attaining awareness and understanding of sensory information and is dependent on multiple combinations of factors which include the physical, emotional and psychological state of an individual.

As a result of multiple possibilities of interpreting information, reality is therefore and to a certain degree, a grey zone, a dream, that permanently fluctuates in time and space. We could even say that there is no one reality; that there is no one world. We would like to understand a performing act, or performance, as a sum of tools that when shared with other people, brings to life a part of “this” reality – emotions, thoughts, or any other mental form or process.

The message involved in this action, connects the viewer and creator through an open, shared experience. In the same way, cultures work in an open format, and never constitute a finished totality. The medium for this type of interaction is what we are trying to identify this forever adapting building.

The Core as a platform that can turn into a stage suspended on a void, the skin is an amorphic screen to the city.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Beirut, LB