AB design studio, inc.

AB design studio, inc.

Santa Barbara, CA | Los Angeles, CA


The Lark

As the main attraction of the Funk Zone, an arts and entertainment destination designed by AB design studio, The Lark is a high-end restaurant with a private banquet room and open kitchen designed to allow guests to observe the chef’s preparations. The architects carefully created a window system around the commercial kitchen to allow the food preparation activities of the chef to be viewed on full display. The well-appointed kitchen environment became a signature feature of the restaurant, further solidifying its place as the main attraction of the Funk Zone. All of the tables in the restaurant, including an impressive 18-foot-long communal table, are made from a single fallen tree from Portland, OR. Most of the other items furnishing the restaurant, such as 100-year-old church confessional, along with custom-designed ceiling lighting fixtures, were made with salvaged materials from California. 

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Status: Built
Location: Santa Barbara, CA, US
Firm Role: Architect