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AB design studio, inc.

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Sugarbug Dental

This project focuses on enabling the architecture of the space to contribute directly to the client’s brand identity. The finished product blends all the aspects dental office through a well thought out and comprehensively designed architectural, functional, informational and graphical experience. 

The space contains a feast of colliding forms and surfaces that are meant to dazzle and engage the patients. Upon entry into the office one is deposited into a reception area that also doubles as a play area for the patients. Each operatory has interesting finishes, light and sound controls. A place for each parent was provided to allow them to sit, relax and observe nearby. The space is designed to meet all the needs of a modern dental practice while creating an environment that is inviting, comfortable and stimulating for children, parents and the dental office staff. The interior architecture of the new space allows for a discrete separation between the experience of the patients and the busy dental staff. Like a theatrical performance, the patient’s experience is carefully orchestrated by a host of “behind the curtain” activities that enable the staff to function efficiently and unnoticed. 

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Status: Built
Location: Oxnard, CA, US
Firm Role: Architect
Additional Credits: Caly Aurell, Josh Blumer