J Haeshin Park

J Haeshin Park



Temporary design intervention: "Move-the-HUTT"

This thesis is explorations of a temporary design intervention. The project engages of the trend of pop-up events (temporary programs). The design, “Move-the-HUTT”’s intention is a form of walk-in tent, is to create new space within an old space. It starts with customization for each client, then building the new yet ephemeral space, experiencing that space from a distance, then engagement with the temporary program inside. The design proposal is a kit-of-part for temporary usage by corporations, government, and organizations. This kitset is customizable to meet the needs depending on the clientele. And benefit of this design is that it can be packed away for future use. “Move-the-HUTT”’s flexibility encourages transformation of space, and personal experience.
It becomes a celebratory object.

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Status: School Project