ZELLNER and Company

ZELLNER and Company

Los Angeles, CA


Night Gallery

This 6250 square foot gallery accommodates a new Downtown LA space for unorthodox late-night hours art space Night Gallery. Run by artist Davida Nemeroff and dealer Mieke Marple, Night Gallery has offered a blend of artistry and nightlife to Angelenos since early 2010.

The new gallery will be built in three phases. Phase one has been completed and includes a reception area, a storage room, offices, bathrooms, a private lounge and a small, rectangular gallery. Most of the open interior will serve as the main exhibition area.

Phase two will pay tribute to the original Night Gallery by installing a structure that is the exact size of the original Lincoln Heights space. Its shape also will take inspiration from Michael Asher's landmark 1970 architectural intervention at Pomona College, in which the reshaping of two of the museum's galleries opened up a triangular social/performance space, which was kept open 24 hours a day. The third phase involves a plan to build a chapel out of felt, and an adjacent set of bleachers for film screenings or socializing.

On the exterior the building's brick walls have been left alone, although artist Yunhee Min has provided acrylic window treatments that add brilliant color to an otherwise white edifice. Further work on the exterior may include a sculpture garden and an outdoor lounge area.

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Status: Built
Location: Los Angeles, California. 2013
Firm Role: Designer
Additional Credits: Design: ZELLNERPLUS
General Contractor: DMGC

Project Team:
Jason Alvarez
Peter Zellner

Photography: courtesy Night Gallery and Kyle Fitzpatrick / Los Angeles, I'm Yours