Yasamin Mayyas

Yasamin Mayyas

Irbid, JO


Building Science Research Centre

the project investigates advanced building design in an integrative theme of building systems and components. Studying the Pompiduo and Sainsbury Centre for visual arts as precedents, the idea emerged of creating a building as a smart living machine that is sustainable, adaptable, responsive and interactive with its users and its setting. As the project was located within the university main campus its objective was to provide maximum interaction between student researchers and the local community ( by providing public galleries and and exhibitions, workshops, etc...), to provide maximum interaction there was developed three main paths: the main spine (public, students, passers, researchers), the second looped circulation passing galleries also exposing the research labs as displays too and the linear circulation for the functional supportive facilities.

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Status: School Project
Location: Jordan university of science and technology, Irbid, Jordan