Tamera Chew

Tamera Chew

New York, NY, US

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My name is Tamera and I created this website to show the work I have done throughout my interior design career. I have been a CAD designer/ Space Planner for about three and a half years now. Yet I yearn for more! I would love to learn all I can about the world of design, whether that takes me through hospitality or commercial design, I will not rest until I experience it all.

In my years of work, I have created floor plans through AutoCAD to depict layouts according to the client’s needs. Each client’s needs were different based on how they wanted to grow. Once a client had an idea, I drew plans to express the clients’ thoughts, creating a visual package to explain to the end-user.

In some cases, clients needed a 3D rendering to see how their ideas would portray in a life-like scenario. Once the layout was approved, I used Sketchup to build the architectural structure, and Keyshot to render the result.

Not only have I created floor plans and renders of spaces, but I have also created content for projects. Each project showing and depicting a different reason for why they should pick this option versus a different option. Creating content for each project portrays different stories of how space can become reality.

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