Tbilisi, GE



 The structure emerged after 6 hour sketching as a parallel experience to the ongoing construction processes of Mestia airport and Sarpi border checkpoint. The forms are radically opposed to the rounder shapes of above-mentioned buildings. The exterior has a sense of unity, as if a black matter was folded up into harmonious angular shapes.

 The purpose of the space was to create a personal getaway into nature, providing a resident with peaceful environment for work and relaxation. The glass walls assure an insider to have a nature on display at all times. The inner space is divided into 2 parts: the lower one is the main area combining the kitchen and the bathroom and the upper territory is occupied by the bedroom and the workstation. The latest is extended out, creating the parking spot beneath it. The angular plane on the opposite end is the terrace, securing the idea of having a personal space outdoors, while being a visitor to a nature.

 The loft is the only architectural work in large area and it was intentionally designed as a sculptural piece.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Tbilisi, GE
Firm Role: Architect
Additional Credits: Copywriter: Mika Motskobili