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Iraqi Home Foundation for Creativity - RAYA ANI | RAW-NYC Architects

Sep 22, '20 4:13 AM EST
Iraqi Home Foundation for Creativity- Front Elevation
Iraqi Home Foundation for Creativity- Front Elevation

Designed by RAYA ANI | RAW-NYC Architects

The goal of the Iraqi House Foundation "is to provide shelter, education, emotional support and rehabilitation to help Iraqi children who has no families to recover from the trauma of losing their parents and their caregivers ...."

December 2018

Our story started when Raya Ani decided to visit Husham Al Thahabi’s children in their home in Baghdad. She held a presentation/workshop for the children, followed by few meetings with Husham Al Thahabi in which they discussed project details and program requirements. She was then selected as the Lead Design Architect for the project, inspired by Husham Al Thahabi’s vision to provide the children of Baghdad a safe and creative place to live in.

Through a workshop structured by Raya Ani, she introduced the children to images portraying a kaleidoscope of colors and optical illusions. The children were left in awe and this subsequently compounded Raya’s belief in the project and laid the groundwork for the design.

The children then took part in the workshop which enabled them to express and reflect upon what inspires them in a space. Aided by colored pencils and paper, the children filled their sheets with hues and shapes that signified a new understanding of the space around them.

February 2019

Raya Ani travelled to visit the site of the Iraqi Home Foundation for Creativity with Husham Al Thahabi and his children. During her trip, she set up the team for the project.

Iraqi Home Foundation for Creativity Project Design 

Raya Ani envisioned a building that people can identify with on the exterior through the use of Baghdadi brick that envelops the main spaces, overlooking the interior courtyard that is placed in between the brick building and the polycarbonate portion that houses the public functions such as theater, showroom, and football field . The brick peels where the windows are to allow natural light to enter the building. The peels are formed by a staggering brick pattern highlighted by blue glazed edges.

The interior space acts as a canvas for art and expression, enabling the design to motivate and empower the users through the creative use of space, light, art and nature. The hands-on interactive nature of the project allows the dichotomy of the built fabric and natural world to coexist to create an environment that is rich in experience. Through the world of Art, Creativity and Nature, the Iraqi Home Foundation of Creativity is giving the children a special world of their own.

Iraqi home Foundation for Creativity- Project Trailer - RAYA ANI | RAW-NYC Architects

Iraqi home Foundation for Creativity- Project Animation - RAYA ANI | RAW-NYC Architects

Iraqi home Foundation for Creativity- Project Initiation - RAYA ANI | RAW-NYC Architects