Pablo Zarama

Pablo Zarama

Ithaca, NY, US

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I am a Colombian Architect and Artist with 4 years of professional experience, and a recent Master’s Degree graduate at Cornell University with the intention to build my professional career in the United Sates. My interest in architecture lies in the mixture, balance, or contradiction characteristic of the discipline of being art and science at the same time. This “contradiction” lies in the beauty of the rites (materialized in the tower, the labyrinth, etc.) and the pragmatism of the protection (materialized in The Primitive Hut, the clothing, etc.). Within these paradoxes, architecture generates new worlds and answers but, at the same time, infinite questions. 



17-05 Studio de Arquitectura, Bogotá, CO, Architectural Designer

Studio Principal Designer. In charge of the concept phase, development phase, and production and planning regulation of Construction Documentation Drawings (CD/DD phase), as well as on-site project supervision.

Apr 2015 - Apr 2019


Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, US, Masters, M.S Advanced Architecture Design

Winner of the Cornell Architecture Merit Scholarship and the “Mary Miller Lyons Graduate Fellowship in Architecture”. Master focused on architectural representation and discourse by studying the combination between art drawings and virtual representation with a constant back and forward between computer design tools and the physical making

Jun 2019 - May 2020


City Hall Public competition, Honorable Mention