Moxuanzi Xu

Moxuanzi Xu

New York, NY, US


May_Xu_Thesis Project

Dream, a series of thoughts, images, and sensations occurring in a person’s mind during sleep. Often dreams are depicted as the middle ground between reality and fantasy. How can an interior space remove the perception and impression of real space while bridging one’s dream and reality together through a heightened haptic experience? The potential for An Intermediate Place is proposed, a space located outside of work and home that allows people to explore and relax in their psychological landscape and evoke the idea of escapism. A space to dream circumventing surroundings, seeking peacefulness, taking time out from this crazy world. The exploration is focused on the issues of overwhelming stress/stimulation in this fast-moving digital age and how a program of relaxation can bring benefits to ease tension.

Located adjacent to Union Square, an urban park and transportation hub where people from all over the city congregate. A space to dream is proposed to allow people to indulge in their quiet moments. Interior space investigates the notion of “fuzzy” boundaries unfolding twisted and layered vistas that blur perspective and produce illusions. The notion of exchanging and interacting subject and object, seeing, and being seen drives the design. By creating different levels of separation, the program is divided into different degrees of privacy. These boundary conditions heighten the user’s awareness of the space both physically and visually. The haptic environment explores the strange nature of dreamscapes, things will suddenly blur, disappear, and then reappear creating a never-ending resonance.

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Status: School Project
Location: New York, NY, US

Haptic Experience Study