Moxuanzi Xu

Moxuanzi Xu

New York, NY, US


May_Xu_Hostel Design

Activating the in between amidst tension, providing a new space that is activated through ethereal qualities including light and reflection, but primarily through the occupancy and interaction of people within the space. 

This idea is utilized to divide and to rearrange the space using the element of time creating spaces that are able to change in not only the intensity of light throughout the day but also in color depending on the position of the sun. This creates different environments and memories as the day progresses and incorporates time as part of the design, as well as takes advantage of the long daylight hours. 

This concept is also translated to the vibrant community around the hostel by creating public space that is able to bring in the people around the hostel, but also translating the skylight-effect into the stores below by creating light wells that go all the the way through the floor of our hostel allowing daylight into the merchant areas below but also creating interest from the patrons of the store to the hostel situated above. 

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Status: School Project
Location: Tijuana, MX
My Role: School team work project.
Additional Credits: Lily Wang, Katie Huang, Gary Ge