Marisol Reed

Marisol Reed

Brooklyn, NY, US


Rural Satellite Classroom

This project is a socially and environmentaly conscious consideration of the power of space and reclaimed materials. This was a semester long investigation in material and design principles, culminating in the construction of a full scale model (10'x10') by myself and my design partner.

It's design intends to teach its users how to recreate and grow one unit of its design-- a tire filled with cement or earth as a mobile base, tire cut with fingers to create a flexible joint (allowing for changing heights), which are used to secure bamboo (native to the vernacular architecture of Colombia) as the support structure.

Through aggregation of this component the user is given the power to design and invest in the space, which can be modified to the communities needs. What was once trash can now be modulated and aggregated into a dynamic range of uses, such as a classroom, stage, market. The hope is that with this design intention, a community can forge investment in both economic and social realms. 

I hope to explore its implementation in blighted urban communities, through design-build community service efforts. I feel there is a great opportunity in creating similar designs to showcase the growing opportunities farmers markets are creating in NYC. 

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Barranquilla, Colombia
My Role: Designer
Additional Credits: Sean Gold, Partner
Mark Parsons, Professor of Design Pratt Institute