Khaled (Shane) Mounir

Khaled (Shane) Mounir

Los Angeles, CA, US


Sakae Sushi, The Flagship Store at the Chrysler Building NYC.

Since Apex-Pal International's setting up of their very first Sakae Sushi  outlet in 1997, they have grown to have over 200 outlets worldwide and developed an outstanding portfolio of popular brands – Sakae Sushi, Sakae Teppanyaki, Sakae Delivery, Hei Sushi, Senjyu, Crepes & Cream, Sakae Express, Sachi , Kyo by Sakae and Nouvelle Events – all synonymous with quality dining.

When it came to launching their #1 Sakae Sushi brand in the US and Designing their USA Flagship store on the ground floor of the NYC's iconic Chrysler Building, they chose Khaled Mounir( Shane) to help them with all the challenges that came with bringing such an advanced restaurant technology to one of the highest profile buildings in NYC. If there is an ultimate challenge in design approvals this was probably one of the toughest. With such a iconic landmark building on the outside that is filled with some of the most prestigious  law firm and business every inch of the design concept and method of building had to be approved by a number of committees from New York City landmark officials and all NYC building authorities to the upscale board officials of the Chrysler building.  Yes all of that had to also be approved by Apex-Pal head quarters who insisted on zero compromise on their hight tech concept for the Fastest High Tech Sushi experience known to man. It had to take a super hero to make this concept come to reality in such a highly restricted building and Khaled Mounir  ( Shane) was the perfect Designer for the Job. There was no straight shot at this project. from concept to completion it took a lot of hard work from everyone involved, from Head quarters, to the USA team of Apex-pal and Sakae Sushi operation managers, restaurant mangers, chefs, waiters, cooks and from the outstanding management of the chrysler building and their efforts in helping us achieve our goal. Not to forget Micron contracting, Doshi consultants lead by Paresh Doshi. This was one of the toughest most challenging projects ever. 

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Status: Built
Location: Chrysler Building NYC
My Role: Senior Interior Designer
Additional Credits: Doshi Consultants ( Paresh Doshi). Micron General Contractors. Tishman Speyer. EHI electronics. Apex-Pal International