Khaled (Shane) Mounir

Khaled (Shane) Mounir

Los Angeles, CA, US


Boerum Hill Trendy Duplex witha Garden

This 1800 sq foot duplex is located in the heart of Boerum Hill. Boerum Hill is considered to be Brooklyn's most hyped, up and coming neighborhood.  Lately real estate brokers started calling Boerum Hill "Hollywood East" due the large number of Hollywood starts and award wining talents choosing Boerum Hill over manhattan for a NYC home. This Duplex which was a an extremely outdated needed a face lift and some new bones to become a vacation home for those other hollywood families or really anyone that may want to spend some time ina place they can call home away from home in Boerum Hill  when they need to.

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Status: Built
Location: Boerum Hill, Brooklyn, NY ( Hollywood East)
My Role: Interior Designer.
Additional Credits: Ayman Ismael for custom builds and installations.