Junru Xu

Junru Xu

New York, NY, US


Obama Presidential Library

The project is about Obama Presidential Library, one of the Obama mission center. I hope this project not only shows the monumental, great intention as an identified
presidential library about Obama’s policy and proposals but also provide more access to all ages residents for them to know about the policy of the government to improve the health of communities. Michelle Garden is one of our proposals to provide an educational space for protecting children from climate changing.

The other two buildings of the Obama center are the Museum and the Institute. I put the Library at the north of the Jackson park to show the important statute of the archives. The museum at the south of the site to face the senior high school to show more about the energy and open to the public and welcome for students to visit and study. The institute is located in the middle of the park to connect the Museum and institute.

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Status: School Project
Location: Chicago, IL, US
My Role: Work with partnar
Additional Credits: Chicago Woman in Architecture First Prize