Josef Weichenberger architects + Partner

Josef Weichenberger architects + Partner

Vienna, AT


SW2 - Student Housing Milestone

The site is located between Messegelände and „Wurstelprater“, close to Vienna University Of Economics and Buisness and public park Prater, therefore optimal position with high recreational value.

Composition is formed by angular building structure and tower-like annex connected together with a
transparent bridge passage. This location provides a spatial link between subway station and amusement park Prater. Diverse open spaces with different uses are created throughout the arrangement of the building structure, including designed plaza as a forecourt with the main entrance.

The main entrance leads into two-floor lobby, to a place that is imagined as a meeting point and a
communication area for students. Reception and administration are also placed there. Spatially and
aesthetically laundry room, fitness area and study space are integrated and connected to the lobby.
Student dormitory has 420 single rooms arranged on both side along spinal corridors. 9 special rooms meet the requirements of wheelchair users and are located on the ground floor. Every room is equipped with a private bathroom and small kitchen unit. A generous 90cm closet and many other cabinets are integrated in overall design of the room and they provide plenty storage space for personal items. Bathroom with sink, shower and toilet is naturally lighted through transparent glass doors. Free-standing and movable writing desk allows different spatial configurations and supports the individuality of the residents.Upper floors mainly contain rooms and can be accsesed with 3 staircases. Multi-purpuse room on 6th floor with spacious roof terrace and with view on public park Prater is available for students for their group activities.

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Status: Built
Location: Vienna, AT
Additional Credits: With architect Ernst Hoffman.

Photos by Erika Mayer, Josef-Mayburgerkai 2a, A - 5020 Salzburg,