Josef Weichenberger architects + Partner

Josef Weichenberger architects + Partner

Vienna, AT


ROT - Housing Rotenmühlgasse

6-floor residental housing is situated in Vienna´s 12th district and it closes the gap between buildings on a plot planted with a impressive set of trees. Street-side façade is enclosed with a concrete frame construction with integrated sliding, foldable wood panels for sun and view protection. Depending on the use of rooms, courtyard-side façade has alternating balconies, loggias or foldable wood panels within concrete frame construction. The cubic, regular structure is completed with projecting concrete roof and sloped glazing façade, thus underlining clear design language of the building.

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Status: Built
Location: Vienna, AT
Additional Credits: Photos by:
Anna Blau (Margaretenstraße 71/II/2/10, 1050 Wien; +43 1 5453135;
Gerald Zugmann(Schottenfeldgasse 63,1070 Wien;+43 676 6558150;
Markus Pillhofer (Landskrongasse 5/6, 1010 Wien; + 43 1 5359418;