Josef Weichenberger architects + Partner

Josef Weichenberger architects + Partner

Vienna, AT


HSG - Hilde-Spiel-Gasse

Located in the southern periphery of Vienna, between the Liesing river and Liesing train station this housing project offers an outstanding combination of urban housing and rural living.
Three design elements create an eye-catching facade and shape the distinctive character of the building:

1. Brick facades on the set-back penthouses, two storey townhouses and common areas on the ground floor. In colour and scale, they hint at a neighbouring historic building, emphasizing visual connections with the project’s urban context.
2. “C-balconies” – C-shaped elements, cast in exposed concrete that hug the building. Their sidewalls provide visual cover and protection from the wind.
3. A particular focus on the corner apartments – their balconies are fanned out and dynamically positioned around the corners. Large windows relate the apartments with their green surroundings.

The building consists of two parts, with a total of 160 apartments. Its eastern part features 102 apartments, ranging from 2 to 5 rooms and 47 to 142 sqm each – including balconies, loggias and terraces. Seven townhouses have been integrated into the complex. These units are two-storey apartments, loosely resembling row-houses with private gardens, a fully heated, naturally lit bonus area below terrain level
and direct access to private underground parking. The western part of the complex contains smaller apartments for elderly people with special requirements.
Both parts, east and west, share the same courtyard with playgrounds and private gardens as well as the one-storey underground car park. Shared spaces feature prominently in this building. There are wide corridors, generously lit atriums, shared terraces and a movie theatre for the residents.

All apartments were designed to be flexible layouts. Unit size and number of rooms can be adjusted to the individual needs of residents with minimum effort and easily be modified later on.

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Status: Built
Location: Vienna, AT
Firm Role: Architects