Josef Weichenberger architects + Partner

Josef Weichenberger architects + Partner

Vienna, AT


GZS - Geriatric Center Simmering

In the heart of Vienna’s 11th district, on a lot densely vegetated by an old tree population, a new pioneering geriatrics center was to be realized. Central idea: High-quality dwelling for care-dependent senior citizens in the comforting atmosphere of a green oasis - rather then the common, sterile, hospital-style atmosphere of geriatrics centers as they used to be. The individual wards are designed to conceptually resemble an organic city center, with its varying and diversified spatial characteristics.

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Status: Built
Location: Vienna, AT
Additional Credits: Photos by:
Paul Ott (Kernstockgasse 22/24/III, 8020 Graz; +43 316/890531; office@paul-ott;
Mark Steinmetz (Preßgasse 28/10; 1040 Wien, Österreich;
Porr Ag (Absberggasse 47, 1100 Wien)