Imen Bouabdelli

Imen Bouabdelli

Mostaganem, DZ

City of music
City of music
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Symphony music between training and educational activities

The project was studied for the city of Mostaganem, which has always displayed in the national space ( Algeria ), a strong cultural identity, is a city of which are still crossed and juxtaposed artistic movements, such as painting, theater, and especially traditional music. Even though it benefits from a very various musical inheritance, it suffers from a considerable lack in instructive equipment and from musical creation. 

to  give the music a place  in this city that reflects its cultural image , then load a new life to this neglected art and meet the needs of this city. I came up with the idea to create a project dedicated to music, trying to enrich and complement the programs.


The nature of plan suggests a broken up composition which allows us to emphasize existence and particular role of the different essential elements of the city. 

The four "04 " equipment components the city has together the type of integrated vertical circulation, which is formed in a monumental staircase which adorns the entrance of the school, the multimedia library and the cinema. 

For the museum, it is the main volume of the entrance of the city which contributes has link between both levels, it is a grandiose ramp which will have several aesthetic and functional « characteristics since it will be the beginning of musical walk ».

From and such a clearing open all other activities, between the museum and the access which overlooks the main placette of the city.

The space of exhibition is in the SOUTH party, first of all temporary then permanent exhibition, when has the music school, it forms with the wing alignment on IS national leading towards kharouba, both buildings is separated by the multimedia library which represents a function median.<br>
The whole is linked up by a pierced wall of opened doors.

Finally the cinema is established in the lowest and most calm zone of the site.&nbsp;

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Status: School Project
Location: Mostaganem dz
My Role: Designer