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Hone Fortunato

Edmonton, AB, CA

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ECOOCO - Custom Design Studio, Edmonton, AB, CA, Owner

Never satisfied because I can always do it better and better. Can’t wait for opportunity, I want create it. Due to my extraordinary knowledge, extensive experience, and valuable skills, I think I could contribute to the progress of almost every company. More detailed information about my professional background is available in attached files and on my main and profile websites linked to other specific personal professional websites. Currently I’m occupied mostly with Façade Retail Stores Improvements, Interior Redevelopment, Building Renovation and Upgrades, 3D Visualization, and little be less with Motion Graphics and Social Media Production.
The top level of Internet collaboration allows multiple users full and real time interaction within a simulated 3D virtual environment. 3D interactive designs and animation take clients to places where no camera has ever been before. It will give them a front seat feeling with cinematic impact and yet stick to accurate scripts dictated by scientists. Customers can choose colors, move furniture, change window and door frames and tour the home in virtual reality.

Mar 2015 - current

Worley Parsons Engineering & Technology Co., LTD, Edmonton, AB, CA, Intern Architect

Architectural Designer at Syncrude Aurora and Base Plant. Work was of a standardized nature involving a variety of tasks. Defining client expectations, and balancing functional objectives with project requirements, schedule, and budget constraints, are typical activities directed. Design development is conducted throughout the duration of significant facility projects, including coordination of disciplines, structure and floor layout development, interior elevations and detail specifications, 3-D visualization, renderings, and material specifications. It was my responsibility as 3D visualizer to liaise with both clients and engineers in the development of 3D imagery. The main goal of the volume visualization and simulation is create an easy way for decision-makers, stakeholders and engineers to understand how proposed projects interact with the plant site. The scope is to enable easy communication with the client by creating a user-friendly visualization of proposed project and related information in a very usable format. 3D visualization developed as complex of partial, sequential models presented interactively in chronological order. Quick compose realistic site model by creating 3D views in the conceptual design stage, visualize proposed grading plans, including geotech layers, import proposed layouts, including: all kind of buildings, haul roads, access roads, service roads, sumps, dumps, pipeline corridors with pipes, power poles and wires, and automatically drape underlay image to proposed surface.

Mar 2007 - Mar 2015


The University of Sarajevo, Faculty of Urbanism and Architecture., Sarajevo, BA, MArch, A Virtual Reality Interface for the Spatial Database Engine.

The 3D Visual Simulation model for the commercial site will be a virtual “pedestrian-scale” walk-through and fly-over where the existing and proposed features and related structures will balance realism (existing built environment) with future project phases and where transition and translation from existing to future project phases is seamless. The current and future built environment will incorporate in the 3D model features. The entire 3D visual simulation model will also include “hot spots” where the user will be able to “zoom in” at a specified location to read text and observe relevant details in a 360º environment.

Oct 1983 - Oct 1987

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