Gunter Wehmeyer

Gunter Wehmeyer

Amsterdam, NL



Born Landscape-Urbanist, Gunter has 13 years work experience in China, U.A.E, UK and NL on complex, dynamic and simultaneous XXL strategic innovation projects. Managed multi-disiplinary teams (creative, strategic, analytical, technical). Designed, developed and managed projects and programs in the fields of urbanism, smart cities, social design, health/energy and applied urban tech. 

Gunter’s focus is on the research, meaning and implementations of initiating more sustainable ways of living and developing, co-designing approaches that enables the locality to become its own creative force. Expanding and creating new strategies by design that can make a real impact on people’s lives.

His perfect day is spent on both analytical sensing and intuitive visioning / prototyping, getting his hands dirty with the executional part of design processes. He´s good at getting under people´s skin, their beliefs, their fears and dreams and seeing the social intelligence between them. In all of it applying his urban masterplanning background on finding emergent solutions and strategies for urban innovation and city challenges. 

Currently co-founding and designing the emergent new Infra Renewal innovation JV CTRL+N between THNK, ARUP, OMA and UNSTUDIO on repurposing vacant infrastructure buildings. 

“This is the age of the practical idealist. A feral responsibility for being different!"

Synergy Connector, Urban Explorer, System listener, Big Picture-Thinker, Purpose seeker, Analyzer, In-between Sensei and Detailed Perfectionist







CTRL+N, Amsterdam, NL, Co-Founder | Design Executive Officer

CTRL+N is a project development JV between THNK, OMA, UNStudio and ARUP with the social mission to rethink, reimagine and repurpose large long-vacant infrastructure projects and propose and implement novel solutions to create new social and economic value for those projects. The focus is on buildings or areas that form a legacy for the city, are of size and relevance, have become desolate and deserve a new life.

CTRL+N takes an end-to-end “owners” responsibility from needs analysis to conceptual design to renovation to new utilization through a truly creation-oriented team consisting of social change agents, business building entrepreneurs, innovation managers - as well as owners, neighbors, retail and future tenants.

All projects provide an open social architecture access regarding all building and neighborhood related information to engage the crowd and support open exchange of ideas and initiatives. Through smart systems we monitor (people) citizen wellbeing, (planet) sustainability & livability, and (profit) employment & economic activity in the area before and after the rejuvenation compared to the rest of the city to track impact. Every site inhabits a comprehensive and free connectivity platform to enable the citizens and visitors on location (productivity tools, mobility tools, energy conservation tools, heath monitoring tools, community connectivity tools).

By learning from each project and using that knowledge for new projects to scale as well as new services and business models for the future building owner and the surrounding community we are merging strategic thinking, design thinking and collaborative co-creation.

CTRL+N will start this spring 2014 with its first dutch project in Amsterdam and its first international project in China.

Jun 2013 - current

Sunloader, Amsterdam/NY, Co-Founder | Design and Innovation

SUNLOADER is a for-benefit startup that provides access to renewable energy to off-grid customers. It takes advantage of the revolutions in mobile telephony, M2M, mobile banking and 3D printing to create a modular, mobile, microsolar mesh-network.

Co-Founded in November 2012 by Paul Falzone, Gunter Wehmeyer and Hajo van Beijma during a challenge project at THNK. Currently in phase of acquisition of first seed funding.

Oct 2012 - current

THNK, Amsterdam, NL, Urban Innovation Strategist

Urban Innovation strategist on projects related to emergent infrastructure renewal, smart cities and applied technology within complex urban systems. Recently worked on design strategy for THNK´s Bid on the “Amsterdam Metropolitan Solutions” contest: “The Center for Urban Tech Acceleration: supporting businesses and researchers by expanding their ventures in the field of urban technology”

Jan 2013 - Sep 2013

Studio BoomWehmeyer, Berlin, DE, Founder | Design strategies, Strategic insight + Integration

Studio BoomWehmeyer is a Dutch/German design studio, established in 2005 by Judith Wehmeyer van den Boom and Gunter Wehmeyer. The studio focusses on opening up and enabling a different consciousness on placing ourselves in localities and using design as the developing tool for creating new scenario’s in material, education and design strategy. Their work in Europe and China is planting design seeds, enabling people and enterprises using design as a tool to experiment and developomg sustainable awareness for tomorrow.

Jan 2006 - Jan 2012

Local Intelligence, Berlin, DE, Manager of Strategic Collaboration

Local Intelligence was a two year design research project, initiated in 2010 about exploring the meaning of Local Intelligences. By using tools like service design, social innovation, academic programs and co-design we collaboratively engaged and connected with different organizations and academies focussing in working with the systems, situations and services around the existing knowledge in localities.

May 2010 - Nov 2011

Studio TekTao, Shanghai, CN, Program Manager | Urban Design Strategist

Working as Program Manager | Urban Design Strategist at the emerging shanghai based Studio TEKTAO. Developing new Business Design strategies for chinese and international clients, innovation strategies dealing with rural vacancies and setting up of creative Hubs, visions and networks at the intersection of architecture, urbanism, interaction design (Studio TEK) and its counterpart of Design Strategies & Consulting, City Branding and Design Research (Studio TAO).

* Design Harvests: Revitalizing rural villages in China by improving quality of life through the environment, communication, local business, public and domestic infrastructure. By creating links to an urban and rural network of social and economic exchange, communities are supported to foster everyday sustainability.
* Design Harvests Hub: Using design thinking to coordinate the creative community and all its resources, starting from sub-projects to gradually building up the sustainable rural community system. During the process, inter-disciplinary cooperation will be found and people in the creative community who come from different backgrounds, such as designers, creative entrepreneurs, etc. will work together to form a network that connects and propels knowledge, culture and resource exchanges between urban and rural.
* Developing City Branding concepts (between 4 and 8 sqkm) for Creative Hubs and Creative Industry Parks in Tangshan, Dujiangyan, Wu Shi and Chongming Island.
* Setup and Businessplan Modelling for an Organic Food Brand and Farm on Chongming Island.

Aug 2008 - Apr 2010

Woods Bagot, Hong Kong, HK, Senior Urban Designer | Project Manager

Aug 2007 - Jul 2008

Atkins, London/Dubai/Abu Dhabi, Landscape | Urban Designer

Jan 2007 - Dec 2007

Tongji Urban Landscape Planning & Design Institute, Shanghai, CN, Landscape and Urban Designer / Researcher at Eco-R

“Bridging to the Future” – “Bridging to the Web”
. A project initiated by the International Gas Union (IGU). Starting with the Sustainable Urban System Design (SUSD) competition to Combine 100-year thinking about energy futures with long-term plans for urban system design. Working as Researcher and Urban Designer within the Chinese Team under Prof. Li & Prof. Zhiqiang Wu, Shanghai P.R. China.

Urban Planning and Eco Landscape Design for Chinese Office Eco-R Tongji, Prof. Li & Prof. Zhiqiang Wu (Shanghai P.R. China) on Competitions in Changhzhou and Shanghai.

* New Town and Riverfront Design Changzhou Competition : Team leader for Landscape Design team. Developing the Main Masterplan, Development of Ecological Concepts, Development of Landscape Design and Conceptional Ideas for CBD and Living Quarters.
* Ecological Riverfront Planning, Minhang District Shanghai, China
* Changzhou Ecological Waterfront and New Town Planning,
China. Developing the Urban Planning MP, Designing the Ecological Landscape MP, Giving advice on Sustainable Water Retention and Waste Management techniques.
* „Bridging to the Future“ - „Bridging to the Web“. A project initiated by the International Gas Union (IGU). Starting with the Sustainable Urban System Design (SUSD) competition to Combine 100-year thinking about energy futures with long-term plans for urban system design.
* Tourism Planning Dianshan Lake, Qingpu District, Shanghai, China. Developing the ecological Tourism plan for revitalizing the Dianshan Lake

Sep 2003 - Jul 2007


THNK, Amsterdam, NL, Amsterdam School for Creative Leadership is the Amsterdam School of Creative Leadership. It provides an 18 months, part-time, post graduate program for a carefully selected group of international top talent to develop the next generation of creative leaders that will have a significant societal impact in our world.

Creative leadership according to THNK means: public, social and business worlds coming together to create and realize new and innovative solutions to major issues of societal relevance that will have great meaning and impact – either nationally or internationally.
THNK is about D-school meets B-School for a new generation of hybrid design THNKERS!

Sep 2012 - Mar 2014

University Lüneburg, Lüneburg, DE, MBA Sustainability Management

Sustainopreneurship/Strategic Innovation

Sep 2010 - Jun 2012

University Kassel, Germany, Kassel, DE, Masters, Landscape Urbanism/Urban Design

Hybrid Landscapes in Pearl River Delta P.R. China
* “The dynamics of peri-urbanization in the Pearl River Delta”. Emerging land use patterns, urban villages and their linkages to global mechanisms.
* “The flows of migration and regional development – a study in the Pearl River Delta and regions in inner China”
* „Shanghai Urban Landscapes and Aesthetic Appearance“
* „Future Mega city“. Ideas for sustainable Dealing with the Region
of Guangzhou in the Chinese Pearl River Delta

Aug 1995 - Sep 2002

Areas of Specialization