Erick Ley

Erick Ley

Los Angeles, CA, US


Students Residence

Given the lack of exclusive housing for students in Mexico City and metropolitan area, combining the problem of leasing a property as the requirements are sometimes difficult to achieve and lead to ridiculous conditions, private sectors try to respond to this problem, that was why we were entrusted to design, develop and make the budget of a project that we call Housing Anahuac, focused exclusively on students, giving the opportunity to find a place to study, live and develop at an essential stage for the future of the young boys.

This project is developed from the beginning in order to serve students, we saw a unique opportunity that can be a factor to develop this type of buildings, the existing ones are mostly adaptations to houses or departments that faced the situation, saw the opportunity to remodel the space to respond to the issue, this id why the program and design of furniture within the project has purposes that respond to study, coexistence and comfort.

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Mexico, MX
My Role: Project Manager
Additional Credits: A-001 Architectural Workshop