Erick Ley

Erick Ley

Los Angeles, CA, US


Las Villitas

I chose this project because it represents an important development in my career, it was the first time that I was commissioned to develop a residence of this type (Retirement Home) responding to the needs of the client, he want warm spaces and transitions that contain them to enter to the rooms.

Also I have to demonstrate that not only I can design architecture but also design all the furniture inside this residence, luminaries, tables, chairs, bookshelf, screens, also, complemented by an interior design work always oriented to satisfy comfort of users, this project has been one of the most complete works I have had as an architect, Also, dealing with the client to show progress and approve designs having feedback that made me understand that architecture is not about what the authoritarian architect wants, but about the interpretation in the design of what the client expresses.

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Mexico, MX
My Role: Project Manager
Additional Credits: A-001 Architectural Workshop