Craig Smith

Craig Smith

Reynoldsburg, OH, US



"Craig is a hands on architect. He has a depth of knowledge that includes not only design, but zoning, entitlements, and construction. He is a breath of fresh air to all who are used to a typical architect. He is intelligent, responsive, and personable. " 

Dj Falcoski
ReMax Global Commercial


There is an old story of a boilermaker who was hired to fix a huge steamship boiler system that was not working well.

After listening to the engineer’s description of the problems and asking a few questions, he went to the boiler room. He looked at the maze of twisting pipes, listened to the thump of the boiler and the hiss of the escaping steam for a few minutes, and felt some pipes with his hands. Then he hummed softly to himself, reached into his overalls and took out a small hammer, and tapped a bright red valve one time. Immediately, the entire system began working perfectly, and the boilermaker went home.

When the steamship owner received a bill for one thousand dollars, he became outraged and complained that the boilermaker had only been in the engine room for fifteen minutes and requested an itemized bill. So the boilermaker sent him a bill that reads as follows:
For tapping the valve: $.50
For knowing where to tap: $999.50
TOTAL: $1,000.00

The invoice was paid in full. 



New Avenue Architects and Engineers, Upper Arlington, OH, US, Chief Architect

Project Architect involved in the development of client relationships and the continued growth of the firm’s client base through direct contact with potential clients to assist with planning and site acquisition. Manager of a team of Architect and Engineers to provide Architectural, Structural, MEP and Civil Design and Construction services as needed for projects. Experience also includes working with Zoning and Planning Boards and neighborhood commissions. All facets of a project are under my control to deliver a quality project within the client’s needed timeline.

Sep 2012 - current


Miami University, Oxford, OH, US, Architecture - Bachelor of Environmental Design

Aug 1990 - May 1995