Courtney Hunt

Courtney Hunt

New York, NY, US


Rio Drome

How do we envision movement through the future city?

How can we create systems which operates at the confluence of different speeds? How do we connect people along the Avenida and across it? And how do we create a spatial armature which can invite a plethora of futures?

While traveling to Rio, I observed a series of urban spatial conditions and opportunities which would serve to frame my interventions along the Avenida. Through in-depth site analysis, pulling out what works and what doesn’t, I created a lexicon of the spatial observations that could be morphed and transposed on the site. There is a need to engage, have reprieve from, view, frame, and bridge across Avenida Brasil. The interventions act to protect as much as engage. They protect from the rapidly moving traffic and protect from the weather. In the sweltering South American climate, there is a need for covered, open space. These spaces act as deep thresholds. They are neither interior or exterior, but spaces that bleed from one spatial condition to another.

The overall site strategy involved defining my constraints and deploying them along the 35 mile long commuter corridor. I was able to continually modify and flex the interventions, allowing the potentials of each site to inform the iterative spatial explorations.

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Status: School Project
Location: Rio de Janeiro, BR