Coscia Moos Architecture

Coscia Moos Architecture

Philadelphia, PA


Hilton Hotel Penn's Landing

This project, adjacent to a popular river promenade, consists of a 3000sf addition, floating band shell and renovation of 350 rooms and suites. The addition will open the hotel to a river view, incorporating a restaurant and bar, extending from the hotel along the Delaware River, with a glass wall facing the water for an unobstructed view, and a canopy of ETFE. The use of this translucent, pressurized membrane, one of the first for a hotel in the US, will serve as the cover for a raised terrace. The land side of the canopy will function as a large scale projection screen for welcoming guests and promoting events. The band shell, anchored in the river and accessible by a walkway from the promenade, will provide a new entertainment venue on the waterfront for patrons and guests of the hotel.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Philadelphia, PA, US