Christopher Lucas-Miller

Christopher Lucas-Miller

Bronxville, NY, US


Harmony House

When I meet with the clients, they presented me with a picture of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Robie House and asked if I could design their house in the same style. They loved the horizontal nature of the home, the openness from front to back, the central hearth acting as the heart of the home, and the heavy roof over hang that seemed to offer the shade and protection of large trees from the sun and umbrellas from the rain.

They explained that they had seen the American FourSquare that I had designed (Ty Ffynnon; pages 42-49) and appreciated its aesthetic finishes. He asked that I design a “grand addition that would connect their existing three bedroom, two bathroom split level house to the existing garage” with that in mind. My assignment was to“keep the split level feature of the house, but add the strong central hearth element” like the Robie House. 
Typically, in the Schematic Design, clients are presented with three options, all equally developed. In this case, the clients chose Scheme #2 because it better fit their budget of $500,000.
On the following pages I have included interior renderings for Scheme #3 followed by exterior perspectives of scheme #1, #2, and #3. Currently, I am in the process of detailing the interior of Scheme #2 and creating Design Documents.
The programmatic requirements of the house -- A large living space with a central hearth and able to seat 10 adults, a large entry area and mud room for their five children, a laundry room near the kitchen and living room, three new bedrooms including the Master Bedroom with a study, and two new bathrooms. The spaces should be open, with plenty of natural light and vegetation, with views to the back and side yards as the children are young and active.
Below left is a rendering of the living room in one of the variations presented to the clients. The open living room seats 10 and has custom windows.  In the current design some of the window mullions were removed to allow a better view. The elevations demonstrate the beautiful planters surrounding the house.

One of the requirements of the clients was open spaces with natural light and vegitation. In the image of the living room (below, opposite page), I have designed views to side yard over the planter to create an indoor/ outdoor feeling.

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Granville, Ohio
My Role: Designer