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Revit for Interior Designers

The Revit for Interior Designers course covers the basics of Revit Architecture for Interior Design. This course is designed for the interior designer who wants to implement Revit Architecture within their workflow. Students learn the fundamental concepts of Revit through the development of a 15,000 square foot law office, from programming and layout to construction documentation.

This class emphasizes the process of creating real world interiors projects in Revit Architecture, rather than a series of independent commands and tools.  We don't teach you how to "click buttons".  We will teach you how to leverage to power of Revit Architecture to create and communicate compelling interior designs.

You will learn how to build basic elements in Revit like walls, doors and glass partitions. You will explore incorporating design sketches and DWG files into the workflow. We'll take a brief look at Design Options, Color Fill plans, Area calculations, Perspective views, Walkthroughs, detailed Schedules, Material Lists and much more!

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