Boris Leokumovich

Boris Leokumovich

Brooklyn, NY, US



The project is to design a complex urban architecture by interweaving four blocks of Manhattan from the Grand Central Terminal on the 42nd Street to the Helmsley Building on 46th Street that faces Park Avenue. Right next to the Grand Central and the Metlife building. As it stands, the four blocks are ill designed for the pedestrian traffic and created an urban disjunction in the part of the city. The plan is to make all four blocks into one urban ensemble that is architecturally unified into a single project: Imago Mundi. Apart from addressing urban issues of the site, the intention of the project is to deal with fundamental problem that exists in the logic of formal construction: the dialectics of the discrete and the continues, often expressed as the antagonism between polygonal geometry and topology. Correspondingly, the program for Imago Mundi is bifurcated into two programs that are expressive of the conceptual schism:

1. The Verlab: The design of the vertical library that is organized as a    vertical topological labyrinth. The concept of the library is to be redefined and the newly proposed building be situated where the Helmsley Building is currently located.

2. A digital media center called Planet Inc. will embody all sorts of digital information content from big data to gamefying reality . The Planet Inc. will constitute the renovation of the Metlife building into a new media center.

3. In addition to these two programs a cultural program that connects the mediates the space between the Verlab and Planet Inc. plus commercial facilities and parking for the project. The top-level open space between the Verlab and Plant Inc. will be a topological plaza to mediate the two buildings.

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Status: School Project
Location: New York, NY, US
Additional Credits: Jordana Vaquez