Bob Trempe

Bob Trempe

Philadelphia, PA, US


Under The Covers

Playful and poignant, a discovery and a beacon, a split in the fabric of snow that becomes a place of refuge and respite. "Under the Covers" uses the conceptual act of splitting and peeling up the snow to generate shelter, simultaneously exposing the "ground" beneath. In this way, the fabric of snow is distorted, with the shelter recognized by the user through the act of distortion in the existing field of white. The "grass" that is now exposed becomes a moment of comfort and visual identifier to the user.

Snow is an equalizer. All of the disparate elements within the fabric of an environment are mitigated, connected, and seen in new light through the covering in a blanket of white.

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Status: Built
Location: Winnipeg, MB, CA
My Role: Designer, Fabricator, On-Site Constructor